2.7 Coltrane across the board

After a lot of hard work and some late nights, 2.7 and it’s WordPress.com sibling are now live and in use across the WordPress community.

I’ve been using 2.7 in it’s various builds for quite a while now, and assure you that if the huge change in UI initially shocks or confounds you, it won’t for long. Having been going back and forth to 2.6 for a few weeks, it gradually became harder and harder to give up the easy navigation, mighty pretty looks and new features that 2.7 has ushered in. Luckily, I won’t need to do that any more.

Thanks to the WordPress community, awesome developers and the good folks of Automattic (who really are an awesome bunch of people), it’s turned out to be a real beauty IMHO.

Hope you enjoy. Here’s the video I put together for the .org release. Most of what you see here applies to .com, but for the plugins and upgrades stuff.

For a full breakdown on what’s new check out Jane’s .com post, or Matt’s .org version.

Now, back to the zillion video tutorials you’ll be seeing around the place very, very soon🙂

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