WordPress.tv says Hello World!

I’m really quite excited to say that we’ve launched WordPress.tv, a new addition to the WordPress family focused on making it easy for people to both learn how to use WordPress (in its dot-com and dot-org flavours), and check out the presentations at the WordCamps sprouting up all over the globe. Here’s a video I put together to mark the occasion:

I’ve been a bit quiet here for some time, but behind the scenes, this is the pet project I’ve been working on, with the talented folks at Automattic (Noel Jackson rocking the house with design and implementation and some very late nights, Jane Wells helping to make things more user-focused, MT lending a watchful art-director eye, and Matt performing chief BBQ testing duties).

I joined Automattic back in August 2008, and it’s insane how fast the time has gone. But announcement videos and the hundred plus tutorials I’ve put together aside, WordPress.tv is kind of why I’m here, my raison d’etre at camp WordPress/Automattic. So this is a great day for me.

There’s a long way to go – like all WordPress projects WordPress.tv has been built with the philosophy that it’s better to get it out there and shape things up as we go than try to unleash perfection on day one. So at the moment you’ll find a whole lot of tutorials, but might not see the one you’re looking for. Ditto with WordCamp presentations.

That’s where you come in – if you have requests, ideas or know of WordCamp videos we’ve missed, screencasts or video tutorials that would feel at home on WordPress.tv, let me know via the WordPress.tv blog contact form, or even the spanking new WordPress.tv twitter account. I’ll be posting the latest releases there, too, alongside the WordPress.tv blog.

Hope to see you there – until then, enjoy the show!

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