State of the Word 2010: Slide Design & Video

Earlier this month I worked with Matt Mullenweg on preparing for his State of the Word presentation for WordCamp San Francisco.

I’ve added a gallery of the slides in case you like to get up close and personal.

My slide designs for the presentation were heavily inspired by some classic Blue Note record sleeves. The thinking here was to bring out the WordPress/Jazz connection emphasized in the presentation narrative, and create a set of slides that reflected Matt’s shared passion for both. We were working with a very tight timeframe, so you might notice variations on a theme in several of the slides. All of the main slides are based on a template system I put together to speed things along and create variety within the limitations of the time available.

And if you’d rather go straight to the source, check out Vintage Vanguard where a huge number of amazing vintage Blue Note covers have been gathered into four galleries.

You can also see the full presentation (with the slides cut in to the video) over on, or here:

I’d like to touch more on this at a later point, but in the meantime I’d welcome any feedback.

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